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Level Testing

Fitness Testing CrossFit in Roseville

Level testing provides measurable goals, direction, a source of motivation, and one more reason to come together as a community and cheer on your fellow athletes! Best of all, it’s FUN! It allows us to strive for something and work hard, hear our names cheered by coaches and peers, stand on top of the podium and to wear our level bands with pride. It’s a way to showing off how far we have come, because in the end CrossFit is about where we end up, not where we begin.

Level 0 (Black Band)

Upon joining CrossFit Genesis, athletes are given a black band to represent their commitment to reaching their fitness goals and getting in the best shape of their lives.  If someone asks about your black band, you’re encouraged to given them your band and tell them about CrossFit.  Just let us know and we’ll give you another.

Level 1 (White Band)

Before taking the Level 1 test, athletes must finish the “Baseline” workout with a qualifying time, 5:15 for men and 6:30 for women:

Row 500m
Air Squat x 40
Situp x 30
Pushup x 20 (women: knee pushups)
Pullup x 10 (small band)

Once an athlete has completed the “Baseline” workout with a qualifying time, they may attempt the Level 1 test.  The Level 1 test consists of 11 parts.  Each athlete must attempt 10 and pass at least 7 parts to pass their Level 1 test and receive a white band:

  • Deadlift – bodyweight deadlift for 10 reps (a coach will have the discretion to terminate the set due to poor form)
  • Pushup x 40 (women: knee pushups) – 1:30
  • Air Squat x 80 – 2:00
  • Situp x 65 – 2:00
  • Strict Pullups – men: 7; women: 1
  • Handstand hold – 60 secs. against wall, hands within 14″
  • Burpee x 20 – men: 1:00; women: 1:20
  • Box jump x 20 (20″) – 1:00
  • Thruster x 15 (men: 75 lbs; women: 55 lbs) – 1:00
  • Jump rope, 3 attempts – 15 consec. double-unders or 100 singles
  • Run 400m – men: 1:45; women: 1:55

Level 2 (Blue Band)

To qualify for the Level 2 test, an athlete must first pass the Level 1 test. The Level 2 test is a significantly harder physical test of endurance, strength, stamina and speed — prepare yourself!

The Level 2 test has 3 parts. An athlete must pass each part before moving to the next. All 3 parts must be passed to receive a blue band:

Part 1:


  • Run 2 miles
  • Pullup x 50

In under 20 minutes


  • Run 2 miles
  • Pullup x 25

In under 25 minutes

Part 2:


  • Clean & Jerk x 10 (bodyweight),
  • Overhead Squat x 10 (3/4 bodyweight)

In under 10 minutes


  • Clean & Jerk x 10 (3/4 bodyweight),
  • Overhead Squat x 10 (1/2 bodyweight)

In under 12 minutes

Part 3:

  • Burpee x 50

In under 4 minutes


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