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About Us

What Is CrossFit Genesis?

Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.
– Steven Pressfield, “The War of Art”

Everyone who visits CrossFit Genesis has at least some small inkling that there’s something more within them.

It’s the thirty-something business executive who hasn’t worked out in years. It’s the forty-something mom who is in great shape, but might want to try something different. It’s the active fifty-something who wants to remain active for many more decades.

For every one of these people, there’s something more inside. There’s the person that they could be. The person they only dream of being. The person they might not even dare to imagine.

What if you could convince one of these people that magic truly exists in the world? Furthermore, you know some magic. Just one piece of magic, but a really cool one: you could make them strong, fit, lean and athletic. Their clothes would fit better, they’d look good naked, become more confident and live a long and active life.

Then you’d ask, “would you like to see this magic? I can perform it on you if you’d like.” If you really, truly convinced them that this was possible, what would they say?  Would anyone say no?

It’s real. We have the magic power to help someone realize their true potential. Why wouldn’t someone say yes to magic like this?

What if this magic cost a few thousand dollars? Still worth it? What if it took a year for this transformation to occur? Would people still want you to perform this magic on them? Remember, this is a hypothetical situation where everyone knows this magic is real. Sure, maybe a few people would turn it down — there’s a price tag on it now. But most people would still say yes.

Everyone has an unlived life they want to live. “I wish I could do this, I wish I had that,” we always say. How many people do you know who have never joined a gym, gone for a walk or run, or owned a piece of exercise equipment? Virtually no one. At some level, everyone wants more for themselves.

The problem is not people’s desire to change. It’s the fact that a billion things stand in the way of this magic working. There are so many things in the way, people are convinced they don’t want to change, or don’t even believe it’s possible. But deep down, people DO want to get more out of their lives and they CAN have more, even if it’s not something they’ll admit.

Our job is not just to give people the tools in the gym or in the kitchen to make magic happen. Nor is it just to create a cool community of people that like to hang out together. Those things are part of what we provide, but they’re already available outside of CrossFit Genesis in many different forms.

We help people get past the billion things that prevent this magic from working. We help people get past the things that stand in the way of admitting what they want out of their lives.

This is how lives are transformed. This is what transformation is all about.

“Transforming lives by forging unimaginable strength.”